The criteria for patients receiving Radio Therapy are as follows:

  • Lumpectomy (Breast-conserving Surgery)
  • The tumor is larger than 5 cm.
  • The spreading of cancer into the lymph node
  • The cancer resides on or close by the muscle tissues
  • The spreading of cancer onto the skin; the wound is visible

Patient must receive the radiotherapy treatment sessions 5 times per weeks and this schedule continues for 4-6 weeks. Radiologist at Namarak Hospital will design a treatment plan and collaborate further with the radiation treatment center. Besides the  external radiation, Namarak is the only private hospital in Thailand that administers Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) with Intrabeam 600, shortening the duration of the radiation therapy to 30 minutes compared to external beam radiation therapy that takes up to 4-6 weeks. IORT can deliver direct radioactive treatment during surgery while reducing side effects from radiation and changing experience for patients with less therapy sessions. Criteria of eligibility for Breast-conserving IORT procedure are for patients with age of 50 years old and above, tumor size not exceeding 3 cm along with a positive hormone receptor. Yet, this advancement has led to a novel approach of allowing the Intrabeam 600 to be administered on a nipple-sparing mastectomy with breast reconstruction to maintain the original natural beauty of the breast and nipples. The versatility of Intrabeam 600 could also be administer to area where cancer has metastatic to the skin or even treat keloid scar.

Remark:: There's no guarantee for fixed result and outcome was uncertainty depend on individual